Monday, 9 January 2012

psychological thriller - Storyboard

we will name our psychological thriller Third Eye

For our psychological Thriller we've decided to fix on an idea that the main hallucinations will be of a little girl. We beleive that this would be better then simply having hallucinations of a man, as we beleive that a little girl will appeal more to our targeted female audience. However, we will include other random hallucinations to reinforce the enigma of our opening.

First Scene - Firstly we will start off our film with a scene in a cafe between two female characters - the main character explains her worries of hallucinations to her friend.  She claims to have been seeing images of a small girl and other random visions; her friend comforts and supports her, they then both leave the cafe and head seperate ways.

Second Scene - Tracking of the main female character walking through the streets to her house , as shes walking through she keeps seeing her little girl and the same mysterious figure wherever she looks

Third scene - Female main character gets back to her house, shes trippin - keeps seeing the same little girl and occasionly a mysterious hooded man. She then runs up stairs and goes into her room slamming the door as she enters.

Fourth scene - She puts her back to the door and sighs in relief, then she sees a flash vision of the man at the window, she rushes towards the indow and draws the curtains. After she walks to her bed, she sits in bed contemplating, then finally after a while passes out.

Fifth Scene -  This will be our last full scene, and will be portrayed as a dream, with quick shots of her previous hallucinations will be used aswell as a couple of new ones. suddenly it will refer back to the main character suddenly awakens.
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