Thursday, 20 October 2011

Me and the media

why have you chosen to do media?

I have chosen to do media because it is an intresting and creative subject, I also wanted to do it at GCSE level but it clashed with my other subjects. I very enjoy films and listen to a lot of music so media is a subject that i generally am enjoying.

what other subjects are you studying?

The other subjects that i am studying, on top of media, is psychology, history and maths.

who is your favourite band (s)/artist (s)?

I like a lot of different genres of music, but some of my favourite artists include
Rage against the machine
System of a down
choking victim
notorious B.I.G
john butler trio
Cypress hill
just to name a few...

what are your favourite T.V programes?

south park
family guy
american dad
malcolm in the middle
fresh prince of bell air

what is your favourite film?/ who is your favourite film director?

My favourite film of all time is probably pulp fiction, and my favourite director has to be Quentin Tarantino.

What magazines do you read?

I dont usually read a lot of magazines, i used to buy total guitar mags when i was much younger, and also used to read a lot of old Marvel and DC comics.

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