Thursday, 20 October 2011

pulp fiction analysation of camera shots

In this scene shows vince and jules openng the boot of the car, a low angle shot is used as if to been shot inside the boot looking towards the two characters. The use of the low angle shot makes the scene seem in power of jules and vince as if the  two caharacters seem a bit intimidating.

This is further use of low angle shot of jules; the way the camera is positioned makes jules look in power and intimidating in comparison to the man on the chair. The misc en scene of the shot also shows what seems to be a standard living room and the dress code of Marvin (the black man in the corner) suggest more normality, thefore the fact that the scene contains normal civilians in an average flat suggests that vince and jules are ruthless, hostile and intimidating.


In this scene extreme close ups are used throughout to demonstrate the particular use of heroin, it is important for the audience to be aware that the drug is being used by vince in the film, as it is important for the storyline as the audience need to be aware that vince is intoxicated and has heroin on him in a further scene.

This is a use of an establishment shot in the film, the misc en scene shows tension or urgency in this scene as the traffic lights in the background are red, this shows that vince illegally passed through traffic lights indicating a form of urgence or recklessnes.

In this scene a close up of vince is used holding a needle, the exppression on his face shows the pure tension of the scene.


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