Wednesday, 2 May 2012

evaluation questions - What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

 Constructing our film, much was learnt through the use of technologies in our product. Specifically the main technology’s we had to come to terms with is our digital camera and the use of adobe premiere during the editing of our final piece. The camera was a bit difficult particularly to operate steadily during filming, however this was made easier throughout filming as we were helped by the use of a tripod; our main fault in the product itself I think was our framing in the camera, this was difficult to achieve during handheld shots and we feared that it could affect how professional the scenes seemed; however taking several takes of the scene helped us obtain, in my opinion a fluently filmed final product.

  The use of Adobe premiere was also a technology which I’ve become more accustomed  to during the editing stage of our final product; this was the second time I’ve used this editing programme, however, after my preliminary I still felt a bit hesitant to use it, as I thought It was quite complex and extensive. But during the editing of our final piece, the programme started to ease the more we used it.  Tools like cutting scenes became easier, and our final product became generally quite fluent, especially with the aid of our diegetic sound and use of credit titles.

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